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Developing Workmanship

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Investing in the Future

Empowering High School Students to Become Skilled Tradespeople

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Liahona Services provides high school students with invaluable real-world construction experience through hands-on training programs focused on exposing them to a variety of trades. Students split their time between classroom learning and on-site training with contracted partners, gaining firsthand skills in a controlled environment alongside seasoned professionals. This immersive model allows students to explore various construction fields while contractors receive cost-effective labor. Both students and contractors benefit from the skills training and mentorship opportunities. Students are empowered to choose a career path while developing workmanship, and contractors receive reliable discounted labor. By facilitating this mutually beneficial arrangement, Liahona Services is creating motivated, job-ready students and helping meet contractors' needs. The short 10-12 week courses allow students to gain hands-on experience without an extended commitment. Liahona's innovative programs are paving the way for high school students to obtain practical construction skills.

Why Choose Us

Liahona Services provides the complete package for students interested in construction careers. Our immersive training programs give hands-on experience across trades so students can discover their passions. For those desiring management roles, Liahona also offers mentorships on the business and leadership aspects of construction. Students work closely with experienced professionals to learn how projects are managed from bidding to completion. They gain exposure to scheduling, budgeting, client relations, safety protocols, hiring, and more. These management mentorships provide invaluable insight into running a successful construction firm and give students a head start on pursuing related degrees. By partnering with Liahona, students can receive unmatched hands-on trades training plus a solid foundation in construction business practices. Our dual focus empowers students to gain skills for trade careers or construct management roles. Students receive real-world experience not found through traditional education alone. Liahona propels students’ careers through complete workforce preparation.

Our Courses

Liahona's courses start with a major focus on job site safety, as this is the most critical element in any construction environment. With safety top of mind, students then explore various trades week-by-week to gain well-rounded exposure and experience. Following the construction specifications as a guide, the courses cover procurement processes, reinforced concrete, rough and finish carpentry, thermal moisture protection, doors/windows/glazing, finishes, conveyance systems, mechanical/electrical/plumbing installations, and project closeout. Students rotate through hands-on work and mentoring across these trades to understand how each contributes to a building project. They develop skills in reading plans, using tools, collaborating across trades, and following construction standards. With this broad base of knowledge and practice in safety protocols, students build proficiency across construction divisions to be adaptable, professional tradespeople. Liahona's courses offer unparalleled preparation for working in the skilled trades through comprehensive, immersive training.

Who We Are

About Liahona Services

Liahona Services is an educational consultant that provides hands-on construction experience courses for high school juniors and seniors in all trades. Our courses provide an alternative career path for students and prepare the trades for the future. Our experienced instructors ensure that our students receive top-notch training that will help them succeed.

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Dylan A. Gardner

Founder, Liahona Services

Our Courses

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Our courses are designed to provide students with hands-on experience that prepares them for a career in the trades. We offer a supportive learning environment that encourages students to explore their interests and excel in their chosen trade.






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Our Graduates

Success Stories

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in the trades. They have used the skills they learned in our courses to launch their careers and cultivate succesful lives. We are proud of our graduates and the impact they are making in their communities.

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